January 25, 2023 - GET /users/{user_id} includes Tags

We've updated the user details object to include the tag key which points to an array of objects with a name key. These are the tags associated to the user. This key is now returned as part of the response to the GET /user/{user_id} and the PATCH /user/{user_id}. Tags cannot be updated using the PATCH request.

November 30, 2022 - GET /transactions start/end parameters added

We've added start and end parameters to the GET /transactionsendpoint. These parameters allow you to filter for transactions in a specific date range.


Teachable OAuth API (New)

Schools on the Pro plan and up can now access the new Teachable OAuth API.


October 21, 2022 - GET /users per page parameters added

We've added per and page parameters to the GET /users endpoint.


July 13, 2022 - GET /users endpoint added

We've added a new GET /users endpoint. This endpoint enables you to fetch a list of all users in your school.


June 9, 2022 - POST /users src parameter description updated

We've updated the POST /users src parameter description to be more explicit.


May 16, 2022 - POST /users password parameter updated

We've updated the POST / users password parameter to now be optional vs. required.


May 12, 2022 - GET /courses is_published filter fixed

We've fixed the is_published? filter on the GET /courses endpoint.


May 5, 2022 - GET /pricing_plans/{pricing_plan_id} attribute type fixed

We've made a fix to update the type for the access_limit_duration attribute on the GET /pricing_plans/{pricing_plan_id} endpoint.